Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vegas Deal Advisor?

Vegas Deal Advisor is a new travel site that helps you quickly find a great hotel at a great price. You know you will find a great place to stay in Vegas on our site because we only consider hotels that have very strong recent consumer ratings. You also know you will get a great price because we provide you with information about the prices for your travel dates relative to the historical pricing for your selected property, as well as in relation to its peer properties, for the same dates. Think of us as your trusted advisor, providing you a short list of great values, for you to make a final selection based on your personal preferences.

Why do hotels vary their pricing so much?

Hotels must respond to changing demand conditions that affect the overall market, as well as their specific capacity constraints, to maximize their own revenue performance and survive in tough economic climate. Since hotel rooms generate no revenue when they are empty, they must try to lower rates when necessary to get them full but only for the specific dates where this is helpful. The art of lowering rates at the right time on the right dates to fill the rooms, without diluting their overall revenue, is called Revenue Management. Many larger hotels use automated systems to help with this process.

Do prices generally go up and down the same amount for all hotels?

Prices across the city do trend up and down together based on overall market demand. However, each individual hotel also has its own specific available room inventory and demand situation on any given date due to previous bookings and the ebb and flow of group bookings. For example, a property that was virtually sold out on a busy weekend may suddenly need to drop some of its rates if a large group or conference staying at the hotel has suddenly cancelled. On any given day, a specific property may be offering much steeper discounts than another comparable property. Vegas Deal Advisor helps you find the hotels that are providing you the best value for your dollar for your particular trip.

Who should use Vegas Deal Advisor?

Anyone planning a trip to Las Vegas who wants to get a great deal at a great price unless you are a frequent gambler VIP and already have a free room provided by a Casino :-)

How is Vegas Deal Advisor different from other travel sites?

Most other travel websites will give you a wide selection of properties of varying quality standards at a variety of prices. The burden is then on you to sort through them and figure out which ones offer the best value for your dollar. Other travel sites may often steer you to particular properties based on the profit they are earning from the given property. They also will tell you about various properties "on sale" but it's up to you to separate marketing hype from reality.

When can I get the best deals in Vegas?

Typically, you save a lot by traveling during the mid-week. Use our charts to see when the cheapest dates will be in the coming months.

What is a star category?

A star category gives you an indication of how fancy or simple your accommodations will be and the level of amenities offered at your hotel. Higher star ratings are also almost always more expensive. However, star rating does not indicate anything about customer satisfaction. That can only be determined by consumer ratings. We encourage you to filter your results by your desired star category.

How does Vegas Deal Advisor compute the true discount?

True discount is a measure of how much cheaper your daily rate will be than the average rates the property has in effect on all other days of the year inclusive of all discounts. Consider a jewelry store that advertises a 60% off sale and you are considering purchasing a particular necklace. To compute the true discount, you would need to know how much they usually discount the necklace on average. If full price is $100, but they typically sell it for $50 and with a 60% discount they are selling it at $40. They are truly offering you a 20% discount not a 60% discount. Vegas Deal Advisor does these calculations for you for all of the top quality hotels in Vegas.

What are Consumer Ratings?

Consumer Ratings are based on real traveler experience and give you the best perspective on how satisfied you are likely to be with your accommodations. Look for reviews that are up to date and provided by travelers similar to you. TripAdvisor© is the current leader in travel reviews and VegasDealAdvisor considers the ratings that they aggregate, in addition to other sources.

What is the Deal Advisor Value rating?

The Deal Advisor Value rating is a measure of overall value for a rate offered by a given hotel at a given time. It looks at the consumer ratings, the true discount being offered for the property and the relative price of the property as compared to other highly rated properties of a similar star category on the same dates. Behind the scenes, we compute a specific number for each deal, displaying these visually as a rating from 1 to 5 thumbs up.

Do I need to shop around at different travel sites around once I decide on a property?

The grand majority of hotels have what are known as "parity agreements" with the major travel agents. This means that no matter where you book your hotel room, you should always get the same rate. It's true that occasionally there will be discrepancies between sites and you can find a slightly better price with one agent or through the hotel directly. However, please note that this is the exception not the rule and almost always not the intent of the hotel. When you buy at, you will get our 110% price assurance guarantee that our rate is the lowest available for your stay and your selected property.

Why should I complete my purchase on

When you decide on a property and rate for your trip that you find on our site, we do encourage you to book with us. You can rest assured with our best rate guarantee that you are getting the best possible rate and your patronage will allow us to support and make enhancements to the site. Being part of the Travelocity Partner Network, we will work with our partners to ensure everything about your trip will be right and our call center will be available to help you should any difficulties arrive or should you have a change of plans. Lastly, we deliver coupons and special offers to our customers who have booked with us so this will save you on future trips.